Students Feedback

Simranjit kaur Bindra - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

As a Finance student i never thought studying sharemarket would be this fun. Ravi sir literally injected the entire sharemarket in our blood. One can try not to concentrate but anyway at the end of the course each student was able to read and speak about the NSE and BSE stock. I am further looking forward to persue more courses from Nathani Institue after such a great experience in my college."

Alkesh Shah - Employee HDFC Securities

 Nathani institute provides great insight on equity market ; especially selecting  the right stocks in volatile market . I was  layman in equity market ; but after the course ; it has helped to developed as informed disciplined trader/ investor  in stock market .
Special thanks to Ravi Sir ...."

Avinash Bawa - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Stock Gyaan is basically investment techniques for buying and selling the stocks .Truly an amazing journey with beloved Ravi Nathani sir.The approach and moto behind teaching even makes it more worthwile."

Mohammed Sohail - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Awesome  teaching ,with brillant guidens lovin natue of ravi sir make easier to learn stock gyaan  . Stock Gyaan is very help full self employment course .very helpfull in future,thank you Ravi Sir"

BHAVESH YADAV - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

I am a student of financial markets.I have done stock gyaan and it was really very helpful. I didn't get any information in my cirrculam as how the stock market work I took up financial market to with to make my career in finance but the portion of what are taught is not giving me any information related to the working of  market, how to invest. It was really very surprising such a great course at such a affordable price I am glad I took the opportunity and it was a fantastic experience. After completing this course I feel the information which I gained here is much much more than that the syllabus has offer me."

Gurjit Singh Chauhan - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

I like the way you are always happy in class and smiling.....I really did enjoy class bcoz you seem like you really love what you do!!! Your enthusiasm was awesome......the lessons i had learned will be very useful in my career life....Thank you Ravi Sir."



Mohit Ramchandani - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Never expected to enter this industry but sir you changed the scenario right from the very 1st lecture of yours. Your lectures are damn motivating & your strategies just help me achieve all the targets that we learnt how to figure out from you. Great achievement sir. Goodluck & Always there with you."



Janmit Singh Arora - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Hats off to you sir for providing such valuable and important information anc knowledge reguarding stock markets because of your excellent and valuable teaching now i am ready to tackle any kind of questions in general as well as in interviews reguarding stock as well as other markets ...your teachings and pratical sessions has given us a platform to be the best in field of finance and also in field of my as well as others career and to become independent rather becoming dependent ....once again thank you sir for teaching us selflessly with a cheap cost and motivating us to achieve more in our life .."



Aakash Prasad - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

As an student of Financial Market. Sir your clases made me learn more about stocks and finance it helped me a lot to understand. Sir your teaching's I have no word to express it the way to made us memorise everything in just 10 days. Thank you sir....   Ravi Nathani..."

Swati Patil - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Really loved StockGyann Course. It made me more confident about myself   and my decisions. Now I can truly differentiate myself from others. Thanks a lot Ravi Sir.."

Kunal Jha - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

I am a finance student and i never thought doing stock gyan would be this fun. It is really a very useful and a must do course for those who want to pursue a career in stock markets. Stock gyan is a very helpful self employment course. I am further looking forward to pursue more courses from nathani institute after such a great experience ."

Anisha Sapla - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Never thought of entering this stream but now I am very interested in this stream all because of ravi sir. An amazing experience. Learnt a lot. Very helpful course. Thankyou sir❤"

Palak Shah - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

Stockgyan was a really good course for us to understand the sharenarket in a very orderly and systematic manner. Thankyou Ravi sir your guidance and knowledge will really help us in the future to acheive things."

Siddhi Gala - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

 I already completed Stockgyaan two years back and just to brush up I attended once again.
So it goes without saying that it is an enriching experience hence I wanted to revise again. Apart from practical coursework, what makes lectures interesting is Ravi Sir. Sir you are always ready to help and so eager to teach us. This makes students also learn with that excitement. Knowledge gained from Stockgyaan is relevant in today's fast moving financial world and enough to give us kickstart in equity markets.
Thank you Sir and all the best for whatever you have planned for future of Stockgyaan"

Shrawani Rushi - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

It was a very good experience for me being a student of "Stock Gyaan", to know abouth the facts and way of trading in stock market. During the tenure of this course we could know what is stock exchange and how it functions depending on the financial conditions of various companies all over..I would like that, every student who is studying finance should undergo this initial training, which could strengthen the roots of knowledge prevailing market situations ...Over and above  the knowlede we gained under the training of Ravi Nathani sir was excellent thorough knowledge on "Stock Markets"