Students Feedback Page 2

Sukhpreet Singh Sudan - Student GN.Khalsa College, Matunga

It was a valueable experience for me to be a "Stock Gyan" student and learn what actually a share market is and how the dealings are actually done. Thank you Ravi Nathani sir for always being their to solve all the doubts. It was a great experience to learn and know about stocks with you

Priya Jaiswar - GN. Khalsa college, Matunga

 It was a great experience with our course 'stockgyaan'. Thanks a lot Ravi sir for guiding us for a better tomorrow and the knowledge which u gave us was never thought by me but such a amazing course. Gatitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, & creates a vision for tomorrow. Thanks a lot Ravi sir."

Alisha Rege - GN. Khalsa college, Matunga

The Course provided us by Ravi sir was really very interesting and useful.It severed all the market information,conditions,stocks which was really useful.Ravi sir taught us thiswhole stockgyan course with full enthusiasm and evry individual must try it.

Alkesh Shah - Employee HDFC Securities

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