About Discussion With Initiators

Indian Corporates are increasing and is the raise in demand for a smart and an intelligent youth to join the business organisations. This module will discuss various topics with regards to Finance, Management, Human Resources & Marketing which will help one to understand the multiple situations as and when challenged. The best part of this module is that one would interact live with multiple corporate management leaders who will discuss the below said topics in detail.
Why should one enroll in this course?

  • Know how to deal on various topics in the world of Corporate
  • Get one on one interaction with leaders of an organisation
  • Live situations explained by the Management Team of an organisation on various topics
  • Get a chance to question the guest and speakers

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Students who are interested in the subject of Finance, Management, Human Resources & Marketing
  • Teachers & Professionals
  • Positions between Start and the Middle level Employees.

Course Details

Duration: 30 hours (15 days)
Fees: Rs. 15000/-


DAY 1 –

  • Importance of Board Meeting and Board Members
  • Motivating your People
  • Entrepreneur in Residence

DAY 2 –

  • Adding Value to Companies
  • Choosing your partners
  • Coping with Failures

DAY 3 –

  • Protecting the Culture
  • Creating Meaning for Employers
  • Decision Making

DAY 4 –

  • Alignment and People
  • Application of Indices
  • Balancing Science and Business

DAY 5 –

  • Replacing Yourself as CEO
  • Leadership is the Scarce Input for a Start ups
  • How to attract Great Talent

DAY 6 –

  • How much Money to Raise
  • Setting Valuations
  • Using Agents to help Raise Money.

DAY 7 –

  • Importance of Passion
  • Product Vision
  • Understanding your Customer

DAY 8 –

  • Lessons Learned
  • Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups
  • Competing with Giants It’s all about Speed

DAY 9 –

  • Private versus Public Company tradeoffs and Building Credibility
  • Seeking Advice and Guidance as a CEO
  • Working with and Making Decisions with Great People

DAY 10 –

  • Difference between Student Life and Professional Life
  • Importance of Attitude
  • Learning About Yourself

DAY 11 –

  • Personal Side of Management
  • Managing a Balanced Life
  • Leering from Failure

DAY 12 –

  • Building Five Culture in One Organisation
  • Conflict between Management Team and Board Members
  • Career Advice

DAY 13 –

  • Five Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs make
  • Recruiting People to Sell for You
  • Types of Risks

DAY 14 –

  • The Best time to startup Company is when Nobody thinks it’s Possible

DAY 15 –

  • Difference between Idea and Opportunity


1. You are eligible for a refund until the course / specialization launches on the platform however kindly note 25% reduction will be done on the amount paid if applied for cancellation.

2. You are not eligible for a refund after earning a Course Certificate, even if you complete a course in a short period.

Yes—to enroll in an individual course, search for the course title in the catalog.

Yes, kindly contact Nathani Finance

New Batch admission will start every month.

No specific background is required for this course, anybody can join having interest in this Industry.

Although you can take the courses in any order, however we do recommend that you follow the suggested sequence of courses

Yes, Successful candidates will be rewarded the Certificate by the below mentioned organisations post clearing the exams.

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