About Depository Operations

Depository Operations has become a demand and a knowledge benchmark, for all those associated persons engaged or employed by a registered depository participants who wishes to interact with clients, handling Investor grievances and other aspects of Depositories. This module is made especially for those who are interested to know about the industry and its functioning.

Why should one enroll in this course?
  • Know the basics of the Indian Equity Market and Depository System.
  • Understand the Institutional Structure of the Depository System
  • Understand the eligibility criteria, registration procedure, rights and obligations, etc.
  • Know the regulatory environment in which Depositories and its DPs function.
Who will benefit from this course?
  • Students who are interested in this subject
  • Investors & Traders Lobby
  • Financial Planners & Advisors
  • House-wife's
  • Analysts
  • Equity Research professionals
  • Bankers & its Employee's
  • Teachers & Professionals
  • Employees of Stock Broking Company
Course Details

Duration: 30 hours (15 days)

Fees: Rs. 15000/-

Refund of fees: Rs.5000/- if examination cleared in first attempt.

Second attempt for examination additional: Rs. 2100/-

Contents of this course

Day 1 – Introduction To The Indian Capital Market
  • Introduction
  • Capital Market
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Regulators
Day 2 – Introduction To Depository
  • Need for Depository System
  • What is Depository?
  • Legal Framework
  • Functions of a Depository
Day 3 – Depository And Its Business Partners
  • Depository Participants
  • Clearing Corporation / Clearing House (CC/CH)
  • Issuers and Registrar and Transfer Agents
Day 4 – Functions Of Depository Participant: Account Opening
  • Introduction
  • Types of Account
  • Beneficial Owner Account
  • Clearing Member Account
  • Closure of Account
  • Freezing of Accounts
  • Changes in Client Details
Day 5 – Functions Of Depository Participant-Transmission And Nomination
  • Transmission of Securities
  • Nomination for Securities
  • Transmission of Securities
Day 6 – Functions Of Depository Participant-Demateriasation
  • Introduction
  • International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)
  • Dematerialisation Process
  • Rematerialisation
Day 7 – Functions Of Depository Participant-Trading And Settlement
  • Introduction
  • Settlement of Off-Market Transactions
  • Settlement of Market Transactions
Day 8 – Special Services – Pledge & Hypothecation
  • Introduction
  • Procedure for Pledge/Hypothecation
Day 9 – Special Services: Corporate Actions
  • Concept of Corporate Actions
  • Important Terms
  • Procedure for Corporate Actions
Day 10 – Special Services: Public Issues
  • Introduction
  • Public Issue Procedure
Day 11 – Special Services: Debt Instruments & Government Securities
  • Introduction
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Commercial Paper (CP)
  • Government Securities
Day 12 – Foreign Portfolio Investors (Fpi)
  • Introduction
  • Eligibility criteria of foreign portfolio investor applying for a Depository Participant
Day 13 – Additional Services: Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, 2012 (Rgess)
  • About Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme 2012
  • Investing in RGESS
Day 14 – Additional Services: Basic Services Demat Account (Bsda)
  • Introduction
  • Eligibility conditions for Opening BSDA
  • Annual Maintenance Charges
  • Service offered to Basic Services DMAT Account Holders
Day 15 – RECAP & Revision


1. 1. You are eligible for a refund until the course / specialization launches on the platform however kindly note 25% reduction will be done on the amount paid if applied for cancellation.

2. You are not eligible for a refund after earning a Course Certificate, even if you complete a course in a short period.

3. Rs.5000/- will be refunded as a token of reward if examination is cleared in first attempt.

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15 Days Classroom Training

1 Day for Examination

New Batch admission will start every month.

No specific background is required for this course, anybody can join having interest in this Industry.

Although you can take the courses in any order, however we do recommend that you follow the suggested sequence of courses

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