Decoding Every Nuance of Finance

Perceptions breed false myths. The Domain of Finance is the victim of such perceived ‘complexities’. Nathani Institute Private limited is founded on the very principle of empowering prospects with expertise in terms of financial knowledge. The excellence one receives from our Institute rules the ever-expanding market of opportunities.

We offer customised modules on various aspects of finance (specialisations) to suit to the ever-changing needs of Industries. Our academic portfolio is enriched with NSE/NSIM certified courses for specific needs of the job market. The course content has been deliberated about by our core faculty which has practical exposure of more than a decade in the domain of finance.

We firmly believe that Excellence need not necessarily be achieved with extravagance. Affordability is the essence of Modern Financial Management. We practice this with flexibility.

As long as you have the desire, the path of your success is already laid. Come, join and flourish.

Founder Members & Directors :

Mr. Ravi D Nathani

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Dwarka L Nathani

Managing Director

Mission :

Let Finance become ‘MAGNET’ to attract every Aspiring Career Anxious Youth. Our institute will be a Driving Force to ‘Make up the Young Minds’ to join the lucrative field of finance, setting aside all Prejudices. Breaking the ICE will make Prospects WISE. Our Mission is to ‘Empower the Aspirer with Excellence in Finance’. Because Ordinary strives and Excellence Rules.

Vision :

The Choice of ‘Finance Studies’ should never be Constrained by unaffordability. Our Vision is to make the Field of Finance affordable to every aspirant. Intertwining Affordability with Flexibility will pave the Democratisation of ‘Finance Studies’ with force joining the Finance Spectrum. It is the uniqueness of ‘catching the Nerves of the Market and it’s reflection in deliberations’ make us stand out from the Crowd. We will strive to remain ‘UNIQUE’ all along in this Endeavour.